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Andrea Raponi


About Me

Raised on bread and Thoreau, went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and discovered that no matter how many frameworks you know, algorithms and data structures will always come first.

I turned on my first computer at age 8 and since then I’ve never turned off the verbose flag on the Linux kernel in favor of some sleek rotating spinner: I need to understand what’s happening under the hood, constantly.

Things took a turn in 1999 when I watched The Matrix for the first time in my room with my brother.

I started coding in Python at 12. TCP/IP and OSI came after, earning me the nickname “Router” in high school.

From Systems Specialist to System Administrator, I decided that path was not truly mine: I love coding and always have. Over the years, commits and pull requests have come directly from Nepal, India, Myanmar, and Thailand.

I returned to Italy and, after embracing the concept of “non-attachment”, I grew under the sign of the JVM.

I deeply despise technological fanaticism, and using the languages that suit me in different situations.

I’ve worked with Python, C, Rust, Go, Scala, Javascript, Lua, and Java – which I deeply love.

CloudNative represents everything that’s currently in my focus.

I’m passionate about everything related to energy optimization and performance.

A strong supporter of open-source and an active participant in several communities, without which I’d be nothing.

In my free time, I climb mountains, run, code, and read.
Often, I do all of these on the same day.